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What more could I say, I wouldn't be here today If the old school didn't pave the way


Tupac said it best. I wouldn't be the photographer that I am today without many other photographers who have supported or inspired me.  My mama was the first photographer in my life.  A camera always in her hand for all those moments that matter ~ nothing too little.  It inspired me to do the same for my two babies and to share my art with others.   I am always continuing my education and working on my craft.  I am blessed to have clients who come back every year. 


Meet Katie 

I’m an 80’s baby with a little family of my own. I love hip hop, enchiladas, Yellowstone, and laughing until I cry. I love the weather in the fall, but enjoy camping in the summer with my family.  I love Target runs, watching my hockey-loving children, and binge-watching Netflix.  I am a high school special educator by day and love it when my two worlds collide. I am a passionate Alzheimer's advocate in honor of my mother who battled this horrific disease.  I owe my love for photography to her.  I love chasing the light and producing bold and colorful images.   I work with families, new little babes, mamas-to-be, and graduating high school seniors. I love creating a vision together with my clients.    I prefer a lifestyle approach capturing authentic images with some light prompting and posing.  

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